Our Company


Our Mission

The mission of Fermentista’s Kitchen is to provide organic, locally sourced, and seasonal fermented products by supporting small Central Texas farmers.

Our Story

It all started back in 2012 when I was traveling around the country working on farms. Having just graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Geography and Horticulture, the desire to help alleviate the stress on the planet from food production was coursing through me. At this same time, I had been experiencing digestive issues and one of the farm managers handed me the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. This marked my introduction to the delectable world of fermentation. I began making kimchi and sauerkraut then kombucha and ginger beer, and the list goes on. I noticed a significant difference in my health upon the introduction of fermented foods to my diet. The digestive issues disappeared and my overall immune system improved. I had found a priceless connection between gardening and health; fermentation.


In 2014 a friend signed me up, without my knowing, to teach a workshop for Urban Roots in Reno, NV. I decided to take a chance with this new opportunity and found my passion for spreading the knowledge of turning farm-fresh vegetables and fruits into nutritious probiotic-rich foods. 


With the encouragement of my community, I have been teaching workshops ever since. The mission of sharing fermentation with my community has now blossomed into the formation of Fermentista’s Kitchen, where I will be providing multiple seasonal subscription opportunities throughout the year. All ingredients used for the workshops and the fermented products are organic and most often sourced, grown, or locally harvested.