I met Abby for the first time at Buzz Mill when she was offering a free class on making kimchi. First of all, I was immediately obsessed with her vibe! She gave us the best information and at the end of the class, I bought a handmade poster of directions on how to make all kinds of goodies.

I continue to follow and purchase Abby's delicious fermentables. She makes a hot sauce that is to die for, I could "literally" drink it. If you’re looking to learn how to make your own ferments, or just purchase some already made ones, Abby is the way to go. She cares about her product and a bunch of love goes into her batches, especially because she gets her veggies from local organic farms around the area. I love supporting local and I love Abby’s ferments!

- Jenna Clark, Manager of Easy Tiger Yoga


Abby knows fermenting and she’s a good teacher. She has a handle on fermentation science and can explain it to non-science folk in a way that makes sense. I’ve taken both her fermented vegetable and beverage workshops. She was generous with her knowledge, her samples, and her recipes. Her classes have even given me the confidence to create my own kraut recipes. If you want to learn how to make your own healthy ferments and you have a chance to take a class from her, I highly recommend it.

- Sherri Stockman, RealFoods.Farm


You can tell this is a passion for Abby. Her creative prowess and knowledge of the ingredients definitely show through in her products. I bought a batch of her own take on Kimchi and it's so fresh. I definitely recommend taking your taste buds on a flavor journey. You won't be upset....well, maybe when you run out.

- Alex Jacqueline